Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday + Gothic Lolita Punk Art Book

Like many other Americans, I participated in the chaotic tradition that is "Black Friday". The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been the "beginning of the holiday season" - basically everything goes on super sale. Customers will wake up at ungodly hours or even camp out a day (or two!) before a store offers it's mega savings. This year I ran around with my Dad and made quite a few stops (though we always avoided large stores like Walmart and the mall - that's madness!) Seriously, the Walmart parking lot was full by 6am. We don't shop there normally, but it's quite fun to stare in awe at the parking lot. Anyways, I did pick up a few goodies, including an art book titled "Gothic Lolita Punk". I vaguely remember seeing this book somewhere, and was quite surprised to find 3 brand new copies at my Half-priced Books (a new and used bookstore). I'm not sure who published the book, but it's a compilation of mostly "Lolita" plus a few "gothic" and "punk' artists. The artists range in popularity from a few I've never seen work from before to Imai Kira and Tama. Honestly, I wasn't impressed with some of the art, but it is a little limited to find that many Lolita artists. Most of the art is illustration, but they also included one artist who styles Bythe dolls and another who does photo manipulation. As an artist, I also loved seeing the work processes of the artists to make a piece. Without further dues, here's a few pictures of my goodies!
 My goodies: art book, kawaii bag and Hello Kitty stickers!

Print Review: Innocent World's "Viennese Waltz Scallop"

Innocent World presents perfection once again. This time it's in the form of the Viennese Waltz Scallop print series. Innocent Word has held its own in the world of original and creative prints, and this series is no exception. The print depicts an array of Alice-esque characters dancing and playing music around an affectionate king and queen, bordered by dainty clovers. The soft color way wonderfully complements the relatively saturated illustrations. Perhaps though it would have been nice to include more colorway options. The jumper skirt is avaliable in two versions, normal-waisted and a high-waisted version, which appears to be a little big longer. They high-waisted version is very generous in it's waist measurements for Innocent World (74.5~87cm)! I'm not crazy about the bodice design of the normal-waisted version, I would have preferred to see a little more lace or frill (like the high-waisted version) myself.

 Normal Version
 High-waisted Version

How cute!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lolita Desu Review

Lolita Desu is a relatively new type of lolita shop, selling new and gently used lolita articles and goodies via online store. About two weeks ago, I found the shop via the Live Journal egl_comm and purchased two Imai Kira postcards off their website. Their communication was helpful and fast, and they even informed we of how many postcards I could order before shipping costs increased. Their prices were reasonable, $8 per postcard and $5.50 for shipping from Denmark to the US. They even notified me that they were including a free deco cane! (Though I can't tell what it is, I do appreciate it ^_^). The post cards arrived in individual plastic slips (as stated) in a normal envelope. They arrived in perfect condition (today). I would definably recommend Lolita Desu!
Their web shop can be found here.

How they arrived + my deco cane
My long-coveted post cards~

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary Party

Yesterday evening, my friend and I attended the Hello Kitty/Sanrio 50th Anniversary "Pop-up Tour" party that I mentioned in a previous post. The party was crowded by several Sanrio-themed vehicles and booths. Activities included professional photos, Hello Kitty bow cupcakes, three difference DJs, hoola-hoops and of course the goodies shop (although the line was too long to attempt to buy anything). Later that evening was a costume contest judged by two Austin fashion designers and Hello Kitty herself. There were only two competitors in the childrens' division, a cute little girl and a puppy! (The puppy was the runner up). The adult division had 6 or7 competitors and the runner ups were "Confetti Kitty" (red & black) & "Headshot Kitty". Tuxedo Sam was crowed the winner in her adorable outfit! I entered in my lolita outfit because the contest allowed "Japanese-inspired outfits" as well. Even though i didn't place, I was very happy with my outfit. My Melody said I looked like a Blythe doll! After the contest, all of the contestants posed for photos in front of the Hello Kitty smart card. We were also awarded consolation prizes; a cute 2011 Sanrio date mate!
 Outfit Rundown
Jsk: Innocent World
Blouse: Off-brand
Hat: Vintage
Faux Fur collar: F21 (rose is handmade)
Bag: Innocent World
Tights: Off-brand
Boots: MIA Girl

 (Most of) the contestants


 Crowning the winner!

 My prize!

 Hello Kitty Smart Car! 

Tuxedo Sam

Cute My Melody!

What a fun night! Happy 50th Sanrio!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lolita Sighting at School

No, I didn't meet another Lolita at school, but I did finally take a picture of this little sign that has been on my previous English teacher's door for the past few months...I'm pretty sure he has no idea about Lolita fashion...come to think of it, I think I'm the only one in the school that knows where its' from XD Enjoy! It sure made my day~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gloves Style

 I have seen quite a few outfits with gloves floating around the Lolita-sphere, so I've decided to write a little post about them. Gloves are an easy way to add a lady-like touch to any outfit and can be coordinated to match virtually any style of Lolita. A classic Lolita may prefer a short pair of antique white mash or solid gloves, while a Gothic Lolita may opt for long, mysterious black lace gloves or a frilly pastel pink pair for a sweet Lolita. Gloves are not only a stylish option to keep your lady fingers warm in the winter, but also look adorably vintage while driving! Why not coordinate with a matching hat and flowing scarf for an afternoon joy ride? Experiment with different lengths and materials to find your perfect match. Styles, materials and lengths also differ depending on the season (no one would want to wear long velvet gloves in the summer, would they)? Victorian Maiden is most recognizable for their lolita gloves, but I have noticed off brand gloves paired nicely with Angelic Pretty and Innocent World coordinates.One important note: avoid cheap or shiny lace materials to avoid looking ita-ish. Quality is very important for gloves. Quality gloves can often be found at vintage/antique stores, a limited number of Lolita brand shops and at most major department stores.Maybe your Grandmother has a pair of her gloves that she has been waiting to share with you~

Types and styles of gloves:




    Happy glove hunting!

      Wednesday, November 10, 2010

      Unusual Brand Item #4

      This edition's unusual piece comes from our friends at BTSSB. This curious item combines this fall's furry trends with the more traditional Lolita concept of a wrist cuff. Their success is up to your interpretation. Though I myself am not fond of any sort or furry accent in an unnatural color, and it looks a little like someone plopped a bow on a furry scrunchy, many Lolitas have appeared to be thrilled with this item!

      Monday, November 1, 2010

      Print Review: Innocent World's "Lauretta Rose"

      Why? Why Innocent World? Why must you constantly steal my heart? I literally gasped (and possibly heard cherubs singing) when I saw this. This is definitely one of my new favorite prints. I even dare to say it rivals my standing dream dress: Innocent World's Rose Panel jsk. This is probably because they are so reconnaissance of each other! Though the eastern-European vibe of Rose Panel is very appealing, Lauretta Rose looks more typical of Innocent World's silhouette and bodice designs.The apron-style aspect of Rose Panel is retained in Lauretta Rose, but appears more fluid and natural. The colorways are just as appealing, including cream, misty pink and chocolate. The dress is also available in two different lengths, another plus (especially for a monster rori like me)! This beauty is scheduled to be released this November and is available for pre-order on IW's website.

      Just for reference, this is IW's "Rose Panel":

      And now onto Lauretta Rose:

      Unusual Brand Item #3

      Like the last unusual brand item, these sets come from Metamorphose. Honestly, I'm a little uncomfortable even posting these... Some have gone crazy for the sets, but others think they resemble something a little too pre-WWII. The boots are marvelous, but the rest is questionable in my opinion. Your thoughts?