Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wing Shoes Review

They're here! They're her!

Yesterday my wing shoes finally arrived! After months of searching and wishing, I finally found an Ebay company that made shoes based off of the Vivienne Westwood design in my size! I'm not one to actively search out replicas of things, but I knew that I would never be able to find, afford let alone fit into the originals. I feel more of leniency for shoe replicas (well, at least in my case) because most shoes are not avaliable in larger sizes. Being a women's US shoe size 11, I have a hard enough time finding shoes as if. There are plenty of shoes I would buy in a heartbeat, but simply are not made in my size. And not amount of diet or exercise is ever going to make my foot smaller! Long story short, I'm happy with my shoes (and I wish I had smaller feet, I would really love some platform converse). You know it's bad when they don't even make replica shoes in your size.

Now onto a short review. I ordered the shoes from eshoehouse2010 on ebay on May 23rd and they arrive in my mail box yesterday. They were $39.99 with free shipping. They are also avaliable in red and brown, sizes US6/UK3/AU5.5/EU36/23CM through US11/UK9/AU11/EU42/26CM. They fit true to size with virtually no extra room/length. They arrived individually wrapped in this cardboard box and plastic bag.

Though there was a big dent on the box, the shoes were fine and avoided any scratches with the fabric bags.

The shoe themselves had a strong "new shoe"/fake leather plastic smell upon arrival but quickly aired out. I am unsure as to how sturdy the fake leather is, so I am being gentle with them. The ankle strap/wigs have a velcro closure. i have to strap the fairly tightly to avoid a big of a heel "lag" when I pick up my foot, but I think I've got it down. The platform is also manageable; about 5cm/2 inches.

Overall I think they are good for the price, but I need to see how sturdy they are. While I would rather have the original design, I'm just happy to finally have a very similar pair!

June Lifestyle Ideas

  • Use glitter glue to create cute sparkly summer freckles (a la Kyary)
  • It's summer, and that means watermelon! Not only is it delicious and hydrating, it's great for your skin
  • Try unusual summer drink flavor combinations, like cantaloupe and basil, strawberry and rosemary or watermelon and grapefruit
  • Love cute sweets? Check out my cafe themed tumblr
  • Send a letter to a friend or spruce up your usual correspondence with cute (and cheap) stationary
  • Sun is essential to healthy skin and overall health so try to spend 10-15 minutes outside everyday (remember your sun screen)
  • Sunflowers are my favorite summer flower - try adding sunflower seeds to a yummy summer salad
  • Here's a simple and quick hair bow tutorial
  • Enjoy looking through Japanese street fashion snaps? Try RID SNAP
  • BABY's new Porz Kercheif line is to die for! See it here

Friday, June 8, 2012

Early Summer Updates

Hello everyone! I'm happy that with finals, AP tests and graduation over now I finally have the time to update. The monthly posts will be up shortly as well ♥ I'll start off with a quick recap of what has been going on in my life, mostly in photos.

Quick notes:
  • I graduated high school and enrolled in college! Whoo!
  • I got a job with two of my friends to paint a mural for a business this summer ($$$)
  • I took photos for our student charity fashion show 
  • I painted a commission for one of my teachers of Ronald Reagan. That was fun.
  • I designed a lot of the art for and was featured (a lot) in my school's literary/art magazine/book
  • After about a week of decent skin, i had a horrible breakout and I'm yet again on my crusade for decent/better skin (more in another post to come) 
  • I did a lot of online shopping (Ebay) hehe :)
  • My boyfriend is back from college and was accepted as a transfer student to the college he really wants to go to! ♥ I also get to spend a lot of time with him now ♥♥♥
  • I went to IKEA for the first time *A*
Now onto the pictures!

A letter from my friend in Japan ♥ (and my sunglasses)

A yummy swan I got with my boyfriend ♥

The mighty Ronald Reagan (my commission)

I made an accessory holder out of lace and an embroidery hoop

My new planner for school!

Cute lamp from IKEA

My tan gingham sheets for college :D (IKEA)

A book from my art teacher. I won my school's art dept. award ;A;

The latest issue of my favorite magazine, with Junko Mizuno!

The art I made for my school's literary magazine

All of the line art is mine (not the purple)

Graduation flowers! Sunflowers are my favorite :3

All done!!

Instax photos from Thread Fair (the fashion show)

Graduation goodies (the butterfly thing is a book-shaped box)

The scarf I've wanted for so long *A* happy graduation to me! (review later)

More goodies from the scarf lady ♥

Silly grad gifts

cute ♥ necklace and flower crown

A necklace from my Grandmother

Every grad gets a pen set

The good stuff :D saving this for school!
 That's it for now! I'll soon be posting reviews on my planner, scarf and skin care info. Thanks for reading!