Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Lifestyle Ideas

  • Use glitter glue to create cute sparkly summer freckles (a la Kyary)
  • It's summer, and that means watermelon! Not only is it delicious and hydrating, it's great for your skin
  • Try unusual summer drink flavor combinations, like cantaloupe and basil, strawberry and rosemary or watermelon and grapefruit
  • Love cute sweets? Check out my cafe themed tumblr
  • Send a letter to a friend or spruce up your usual correspondence with cute (and cheap) stationary
  • Sun is essential to healthy skin and overall health so try to spend 10-15 minutes outside everyday (remember your sun screen)
  • Sunflowers are my favorite summer flower - try adding sunflower seeds to a yummy summer salad
  • Here's a simple and quick hair bow tutorial
  • Enjoy looking through Japanese street fashion snaps? Try RID SNAP
  • BABY's new Porz Kercheif line is to die for! See it here

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