Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School Girl Style

Just a quick outfit update♫
I need to prepare for the next meme day challenge
I love fukus♥ I think I'm going to buy a Candy Sugar ribbon!
I miss my Japanese uniform :c


Blouse: Lespim Lowry's Larm
Cardigan: Old Navy
Pin: Paris Kids
Skirt: Good Will 
Socks: Old Navy
(I wore brown oxfords with this)

Bonus~ This was my uniform

Bye bye!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick Sales ♫

Hi everyone! This is a quick shameless self- promotion of my sales. I'm selling an off brand black Peter Pan blouse, Blue Bear items, a Mori-style apron and a Wonder Rocket cardigan plus other goodies here.

For sale at link above!

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Lifestyle Ideas

  • As the weather becomes cooler, consider volunteering your time to those who will be the most effected (such as the homeless or the animal shelter)
  • Make a festive door wreath out of autumn leaves and acorns
  • Start thinking of your Hallowe'en costume! (I'll post an inspiration list soon)
  • Two words: Pumpkin. Everything. (i.e. pie, tea, spice, ice cream, basically anything and everything)
  • Decorate your room with small decorative pumpkins and gourds of different colors and textures
  • Since autumn is basically the season of food, why not theme an outfit around your favorite? Think not only of motifs, but colors and textures as well~
  • Get lost in an old fashion corn maze
  • Scarves, scarves scarves!
  • Munch on traditional Hallowe'en/autumn candies like candy apples, caramels and rice crispies
  • Try making your own jam from scratch. The simplest way is to much up fruit, add sugar and wait till it comes to a boil. I'm not very skilled yet, so look up sealing and important things like that ^_^ (We just started a jam club at my school, that's why I'm so enthusiastic)