Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Pair of Brand Socks!

Yippee! I finally purchased my first pair of brand socks, how exciting!

These knee-highs  match my Nicholas Fruits skirt, I am so happy! 

I was worried with my large feet that they would not fit, let along reach my knees, but I was pleasantly surprised! I know some people tend not to buy brand socks because of their price and the fact that they wear out just as quickly as any other socks. I guess since they are black they won't show as much wear as say white socks would. What do you think about using brand socks?

Since they are my first pair, I'm still a little nervous if the print looks too stretched. I know stretched brand prints are always a point of concern in the Lolita community. What are your opinions on this? Is a little stretching ok? Is it unavoidable or should be completely avoided at all costs?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's in My Bag?

I'm always really interested in seeing "what's in my bag" type photos and posts, I guess that's a little creepy... Or maybe my OCD just enjoys seeing items evenly spaced. Anyways, I thought I'd try one! My style is a cross between classic lolita, and mori-girl/natural kei aesthetics, so my bag contents tend to reflect that. This was fun to make ^_^

My actual bag (bag from Japan, lace collar from EGL comm)

  1. Innocent World ribbon wallet (my pride and joy) + Capybara-san cookie key chain
  2. Sanrio 2011 date-mate (got from the Sanrio fashion show)
  3. "Catch-all" journal for miscellaneous thoughts
  4. New vintage home economic guidebook
  5. Black glove for chilly weather
  6. Ipod Nano + Deary Lou case 
  7. Bert's Bees Honey chap stick 
  8. Choward's Violet mints (they taste like flowers!)
  9. My Keys 
  10. My LG Optimus phone + HK/Lawson screen cleaner 

 So what's in your bags? Do you have a bag post (yet)? If so, link away!

Innocent World Post Card Set

I'd like to share a little treasure I found on the EGl sales comm! It's Innocent World's special postcard set from this year's lucky packs. I wanted it not only to decorate my room and provide coordiante inspiration, but the prints included pieces that I will not likely ever own because of their sizes restrictions. :( This way I feel like I still have something from the particular coordinates I love (especially the Chelsea and Band of Forest Animals prints)!

The envelope on the right is from a different pc set

All of the post cards

Chelsea Rabbit print

Cute hat!

Band of Forest Animals~
I love brand and art post cards <3 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unusual Brand Item #6

This edition's item is brought to you by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Looking to add a little wedding flair to your latest coordinate? Fear not, for I have found such flair! I'm finding myself hard pressed to think of an appropriate coordinate for this lace, silk flower and tulle headband concoction (except maybe a rockabilly fairy wedding dress). By far my favorite part of this item has to be from the description: "The tulle has been decorated with roses of many races". Glad to see BTSSB is getting multi-cultural with their botany. 

 If this item sends your wedding bells ringing, more info can be found here

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ikkicon Part Two Outfit Post

Here is my follow-up to my last Ikkicon post. I didn't buy or see anything exciting, so it's just an outfit post. I usually wear my black blouse with this skirt, but I wore it already on Saturday and I only have one blouse. I had a lot of fun volunteering there, especially when I was working the tiny snack booth. I felt so cute running back in forth selling sodas and candy <3 

Outfit run down:
Cardigan: Target
Bow: Innocent World
Skirt: Innocent World
Accessories: Innocent World
Tights: Target
Shoes: DSW

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Lifestyle Ideas

Here's this month's healthy dose of lolita lifestyle ideas~
  • Perk up your cold ears at the bus stop with a pair of cute ear buds or headphones
  • Buy left over Christmas candy and create your own special peppermint bark
  • Just because December is over it doesn't mean you have to give up the good will- try to still volunteer your time to others in need
  • Think of weekly resolutions to accomplish and write them down (in a cute floral notebook, of course)
  • Make relaxing, frilly bubble baths a regular occasion! Choose fruity soaps and bath confetti!
  • Clean out your closet for the new year! Start fresh with a few extra bucks for a new jumper skirt or two
  • Not up to healthy new years resolutions? Pig out on a comfy chair, surrounded with tiny sweets and watching Marie Antoinette!
  • Deco-den a case for your favorite electronic device, like ipod, phone or DS...or maybe a calculator (I bedazzled my flash drive several weeks ago!)
  • If you have a Lolita buddy, why not "swap closets" and see what outfits your can create with your friend's clothes. This could provide a lot of outfit inspiration
  • Purchase or cut your own vintage paper dolls. Cut out mini-dream outfits or design silly photo shoots and keep them in a cute stationary envelope.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ikkicon Part One + Outfit Post

This weekend I attended and volunteered doing registration at a local anime convention. I dressed in Lolita on Friday and I'm going to also on Sunday. I received many compliments about my outfits and several girls were able to name the brand of my jumper skirt! I was quite pleased with the turnout of Lolita this year compared to the last time I went (two years ago). There was a rather interesting brolita selling a whole hoard of marked-up bodyline and two MmM dresses; $600 each... Here were my outfits and the goodies I bought. I don't understand how it all ended up being so much money, but that's anime conventions for you I guess (T_T)

Here was my Friday outfit
Outfit rundown:
Jsk: Innocent World
Blouse: off-brand (bought on the EGL comm) 
Watch: Innocent World 
Tights: Target
Shoes (not pictured): black lace-up boots from DSW

I would have liked to do something with my hair, but being long, bangless and very straight, I had little options. I figured since the Innocent World model could pull it off, maybe I could also (^_^).

I also took a few snaps of the other lovely Lolitas there
An artists' alley duo - I bought my fox bookmark, bunny pin and fawn key chain from the artist on the right
Another cute artists' alley Lolita
More Lolita artists
And finally a cute couple!
Now onto the goodies!

My adorable Shaymin and axolotl plushies

Memo pads, a bookmark and "Siamese cat" stickers, get it?

Lovely keychains

File folders with new characters

More file folders!
I still have one day left, so expect a follow up post!

Happy New Years

Happy new years everyone! Do you have a new years resolution?