Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ikkicon Part One + Outfit Post

This weekend I attended and volunteered doing registration at a local anime convention. I dressed in Lolita on Friday and I'm going to also on Sunday. I received many compliments about my outfits and several girls were able to name the brand of my jumper skirt! I was quite pleased with the turnout of Lolita this year compared to the last time I went (two years ago). There was a rather interesting brolita selling a whole hoard of marked-up bodyline and two MmM dresses; $600 each... Here were my outfits and the goodies I bought. I don't understand how it all ended up being so much money, but that's anime conventions for you I guess (T_T)

Here was my Friday outfit
Outfit rundown:
Jsk: Innocent World
Blouse: off-brand (bought on the EGL comm) 
Watch: Innocent World 
Tights: Target
Shoes (not pictured): black lace-up boots from DSW

I would have liked to do something with my hair, but being long, bangless and very straight, I had little options. I figured since the Innocent World model could pull it off, maybe I could also (^_^).

I also took a few snaps of the other lovely Lolitas there
An artists' alley duo - I bought my fox bookmark, bunny pin and fawn key chain from the artist on the right
Another cute artists' alley Lolita
More Lolita artists
And finally a cute couple!
Now onto the goodies!

My adorable Shaymin and axolotl plushies

Memo pads, a bookmark and "Siamese cat" stickers, get it?

Lovely keychains

File folders with new characters

More file folders!
I still have one day left, so expect a follow up post!

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  1. Cute!! I love the keychains *u*

    You look lovely! I have the same hairstyle (long, straight, and bangless) and it is hard to think of good Lolita hairstyles :o I have been experimenting with different braiding styles :) But it is hard to find examples in the Bibles for this haircut!