Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Lifestyle Ideas

Here's this month's healthy dose of lolita lifestyle ideas~
  • Perk up your cold ears at the bus stop with a pair of cute ear buds or headphones
  • Buy left over Christmas candy and create your own special peppermint bark
  • Just because December is over it doesn't mean you have to give up the good will- try to still volunteer your time to others in need
  • Think of weekly resolutions to accomplish and write them down (in a cute floral notebook, of course)
  • Make relaxing, frilly bubble baths a regular occasion! Choose fruity soaps and bath confetti!
  • Clean out your closet for the new year! Start fresh with a few extra bucks for a new jumper skirt or two
  • Not up to healthy new years resolutions? Pig out on a comfy chair, surrounded with tiny sweets and watching Marie Antoinette!
  • Deco-den a case for your favorite electronic device, like ipod, phone or DS...or maybe a calculator (I bedazzled my flash drive several weeks ago!)
  • If you have a Lolita buddy, why not "swap closets" and see what outfits your can create with your friend's clothes. This could provide a lot of outfit inspiration
  • Purchase or cut your own vintage paper dolls. Cut out mini-dream outfits or design silly photo shoots and keep them in a cute stationary envelope.

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