Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lolita Meme Day Seven

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style.
Not in any particular order~

I didn't write much about each person, but I hope this is still a bit interesting! It's more fun to explore for yourself than to read what someone else thinks anyways in my opinion.

  1. Herajika
  2. Shelby  
  3. This Innocent World muse 
  4. Imai Kira
  5. The author of Alice Syndrome
  6. Oli
  7. Innocent World designers/stylists
  8. Zeruda
  9. Random people on DL!
  10. I know this is cheesy, but my readers! Who else would give me inspiration to experiment with my style? ;)

Cupcakes and Crafts

Hi there ^_^ I just wanted to share a few treats ♪

Firstly, I got a delivery of yummy red velvet cupcakes from my boyfriend for our 5th anniversary ♥♥

Mmmmm ♫

I also did a bit more crafting. I sewed beads onto some cookies I already made from felt and sewed a velvet (pin and hair) bow from a thrift store dress and made a cream bow pin.
I also ordered some cute cookie charms from Etsy to make hair clips (a la Angelic Pretty). 

 How does everything look? 

P.S. I was also thinking of doing a video room tour. Yay/nay?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extension Accounts

 Hello everyone ♪ Just a few quick notes! I wanted y'all to know that I respond to comments! So if you comment, check back for a response, because I don't think y'all get any alerts when I comment...

Also, as I'm not to savvy with my blog layout yet and can't find a way to properly link to these, here are a few outside profiles/accounts of mine you may be interested in~

Tumblr: It's a mix of Lolita, Mori, Dolly-kei and silly cute things
Flickr: I use this for my film photography and AP art portfolio
Listography: I'm a list-o-holic ♥
Livejournal: I mostly just post on EGL/Mori Girls, but I sometimes sell things on my journal
Look Book: Not used a whole lot, but might as well

That''s all the big ones I can think of for now ☺

Lolita Meme Day Six

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.
 Not quite sure how to respond to this one, so I did a mix of actual items I have, things I like and things I use often. I'll keep it short and sweet ♥

  1. Modesty
  2. Lauretta Rose
  3. Lucky pack posts
  4. EGL sales_comm
  5. Overseas shipping
  6. Granny boots
  7. Innocent World in general 
  8. Misako Aoki
  9. Biscuit motifs
  10. Lifestyle ideas!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paris Kids Lucky Pack

I recently bought a Paris Kids lucky pack off a seller from a lj comm. This is actually my first lucky pack! The staples on the bag were opened, so I assume the previous owner did not like everything and decided to sell it or somethings. I got it for $26 shipped plus I got to choose a free Metamorphose LP wash cloth. Was this a good deal?

My (large) hand for sizing. This wash cloth is actually very large!
 Free! ♥
It came with the six items below:

Two scrunchies (I love the right one, going to sell/trade the other)
 I'm happy because I really wanted a scrunchy ♪
♥ Cell phone strap

Another cute strap

Going to sell/trade this (not much into feathers)

Cute tiny purple rose + pearls & crystals
I love when sellers include notes ☺
Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting Crafty

Why yes, I am a crafty girl ♪
Haha, anyways, I recently made a sketchbook of all of the crafts I want to make (well, accessory wise). Most of theme are based of brand items I've seen (and can make much cheaper). You can probably notice the ETC and Angelic-Pretty look-alikes.
I sort of want to have an artist's ally table at a convention ^_^
Here's what I've done in the last two days:

Some supplies (I had a bunch of other supplies but these were my favs)
Berry branches for 20 cents each! *A*

French ribbon and "pom pom lace" 

Onto the goodies (mostly brooches)~
I plan on buying cabachons and making different versions of the cookie/chocolate ones as well
Omnomnom biscuits <3

Yummy raspberries ♫


Cell phone straps


Dolly-kei/cult party hair clips

Matching pin
I plan on making many more once I get more supplies!
I can wait to wear these with scarves once the weather gets cooler

Birthday Bliss

Saturday the 3rd was my Birthday \(^_^)/ I spent it with my family. 

We went out to eat at a very nice French Bistro and enjoyed a chocolate x blood orange cake at home.

My Dad repainted my bike from scratched bubble gum pink to mint!

My new Fujifilm Instax 7s (since the stopped making old Polaroid film)

I need to practice on the exposure settings... :/

A lovely gold lapel pin from Alaska!

As far as personal shopping, I just bought (too much) mori clothing to try to build up my wardrobe. It was relatively cheap, but with conversion rates still ended up being $85... T_T

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Lifestyle Ideas

September is my favorite month! Why because it's the beginning of Autumn and my birth month!

  • Load up on cheap colorful socks (summer clearance) before it gets cold and experiments with layering
  • Give your outfits a slightly nerdy, school-esque look with a uniform ribbon
  • Go all-out nerdy with cute braids, large-rimmed glasses and drawn-on freckles!
  • Be on the lookout for flavors like pumpkin and apple cinnamon. My grocery store even carries pumpkin ice cream!
  • Make biscuit-themed accessories, like hair clips and brooches (I really want to do this)! 
  • Do some end of summer cleaning and organizing! use a shoe rack to store your socks and small accessories
  • Use a vintage leather book bag to add vintage style to your outfits
  • Sew a cute sleeping mask with ribbons and lace
  • Add dark greens, chocolates, burgundies and plaids into your wardrobe for a warmer look 
  • DIY an easy cut-sew by adding small ribbons to the collar of a scoop-neck shirt 
This is the sleeping mask idea~

Lolita Meme Day Five

Day 5 - Ten items on your wish list (no particular order)

Angelic Pretty biscuit items (especially the bag!)

BTSSB Operetta Jjk

A fawn collar (preferable this one)

IW Circus jsk 

IW Rose Panel jsk

IW Antique Rose jsk (long)

IW Chelsea Rabbit skirt (I need to loose a few inches!)

Meta Apron OP set

Meta Old Emblem jsk

Lief Berry Rabbit jsk (actual name?)
Oh, I have too many wishes u_u