Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paris Kids Lucky Pack

I recently bought a Paris Kids lucky pack off a seller from a lj comm. This is actually my first lucky pack! The staples on the bag were opened, so I assume the previous owner did not like everything and decided to sell it or somethings. I got it for $26 shipped plus I got to choose a free Metamorphose LP wash cloth. Was this a good deal?

My (large) hand for sizing. This wash cloth is actually very large!
 Free! ♥
It came with the six items below:

Two scrunchies (I love the right one, going to sell/trade the other)
 I'm happy because I really wanted a scrunchy ♪
♥ Cell phone strap

Another cute strap

Going to sell/trade this (not much into feathers)

Cute tiny purple rose + pearls & crystals
I love when sellers include notes ☺
Thanks for looking!

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