Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bad Catholic

I suppose wearing rosaries and similar type items makes me a bad Catholic, but how can I resist? Especially when I spotted these beauties from the Etsy store Necrosarium. There were a steal too at $9.50 plus free shipping! I'm a bit hesitant to even disclose this shop it's so wonderful. Well I guess the secret is out ^_^ She updates (and sells out) often so check back frequently for new items ♥

Here's the earrings I bought:

They have lovely detaining, a realistic antiqued bronze color and are a comfortable weight

There are even details on the back:

My hand for size reference: 

I think they will work very well with a variety of styles from classic and gothic lolita to dolly-kei and cult party styles c:

Secret: I did find some of the smaller silver cross findings on Ebay and made my own pair of earrings and phone strap >.< hehe! 
P.S. I have an extra pair in my Storenvy shop.

Wonderful Cleveland Trip ♫

Hi there everyone, sorry for the few and far between posts! Between college apps, AP tests, finals and other craziness, I've found little time and few interesting things to share u_u One exciting topic that I managed to skip over though was my trip to Cleveland, Ohio! My dad and I went the weekend after spring break to visit the college I wanted to go to. Well the school (The Cleveland Institute of Art was wonderful and we managed so see a fair bit of the town! I don't have any photos from the school, but here are a few from around this city:

Back in Texas:

Cleveland was wonderful, I can't wait to move in August ♥

On a side note, are there any active Lolita communities in Cleveland? Thanks!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I wanted to wish everyone who's celebrating Easter a happy one, and a wonderful day none the less if you aren't ♥ Now it's candy time c: 

Friday, April 6, 2012


My detachable faux fur collar from came in today ♥ I have to say, there customer service is superb! I received several shipping update emails, it arrive very quickly, especially for international mail, was packaged well, and included all the necessary items if I needed to send it back (of course, I didn't!) Besides the awesome shipping and emails, the item is wonderful! I especially love the easy, inconspicuous closure. I think this collar due to the style and lovely honey color is going to be easy to coordinate and accessorize with little pins and other cute accents ♪ There are a couple of other items I've been considering getting, and this experience makes me want to rush and order the rest! Basically, I'm just really excited about stocking up on cold winter accessories for college~

Also, a quick update to my shop:
I have two findings left (after making a pair of earrings and phone strap for myself, hehe) so I can make either one pair of earrings or two phone straps. Please follow this link if you wish to purchase them, or send me a message if you would like to purchase just one phone strap. (I don't want to make separate listings, just in case someone tries to buy both >_<).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Unusual Brand Item #10

This edition's unusual brand item comes frooom: BABY!

Didn't get enough of Black Swan? Well good new! They're baaack:

Now you too can create white and black swan inspired outfits! Nothing says sophisticated Lolita like feathers sprouting from your cranium. Is anyone else imagining Big Bird in Lolita right now? I though so. My main problem with this item is that it doesn't look up to BABY's standards (or worth over 5,000 yen). It looks like craft feathers, cheap pearl strands and plastic roses glued onto a head band. I'm not sure if one could make this look more elegant or expensive, but if you do, please tell BABY.

April Lifestyle Ideas

  • Buy a packet of your favorite wildflower seeds (or seedlings) and grow them indoors - remember to try to avoid picking wildflowers (it's illegal in my state)!
  • Add a pretty shade of pastel to your outfits - try bags, shoes, scarves, accessories or yummy Easter candy ♥
  • If it's still chilly where you live, stock up on clearance winter accessories from - plus enjoy free shipping! (it takes a bit of page digging but they have faux fur collars, mittens, gloves, earmuffs, cuffs and more)
  • If you plan on hosting a Lolita Easter egg hunt or meet-up, hold a contest for the best decorated Easter basket and bonnet!
  • Check out Innocent World's new Strawberry Gingham print - lovely for spring & summer ♥
  • Consider coordinating a lovely cotton apron into your wardrobe - or a more practical one for cooking, crafting or working in the garden 
  • If April is a rainy season where you live, coordinate your best outfit with rain boots and an umbrella! Extra points for cute rain coats ♥
  • Decorate a sleep mask with soft lace or embroider cute eyelashes for more luxurious slumber~
  • Embroidery hoops with porous fabric such as tulle make easy and cute earring storage - hang them on the wall like cute frames
  • Raid your local dollar store for cheap waster goodies. Forget rabbit ears, I'd like to see a headdress made out of those tiny fuzzy chicks we see every year!