Friday, April 6, 2012


My detachable faux fur collar from came in today ♥ I have to say, there customer service is superb! I received several shipping update emails, it arrive very quickly, especially for international mail, was packaged well, and included all the necessary items if I needed to send it back (of course, I didn't!) Besides the awesome shipping and emails, the item is wonderful! I especially love the easy, inconspicuous closure. I think this collar due to the style and lovely honey color is going to be easy to coordinate and accessorize with little pins and other cute accents ♪ There are a couple of other items I've been considering getting, and this experience makes me want to rush and order the rest! Basically, I'm just really excited about stocking up on cold winter accessories for college~

Also, a quick update to my shop:
I have two findings left (after making a pair of earrings and phone strap for myself, hehe) so I can make either one pair of earrings or two phone straps. Please follow this link if you wish to purchase them, or send me a message if you would like to purchase just one phone strap. (I don't want to make separate listings, just in case someone tries to buy both >_<).

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  1. The faux fur is so pretty! It gives such an elegant touch to the outfit ^^ nice purchase