Monday, April 2, 2012

Unusual Brand Item #10

This edition's unusual brand item comes frooom: BABY!

Didn't get enough of Black Swan? Well good new! They're baaack:

Now you too can create white and black swan inspired outfits! Nothing says sophisticated Lolita like feathers sprouting from your cranium. Is anyone else imagining Big Bird in Lolita right now? I though so. My main problem with this item is that it doesn't look up to BABY's standards (or worth over 5,000 yen). It looks like craft feathers, cheap pearl strands and plastic roses glued onto a head band. I'm not sure if one could make this look more elegant or expensive, but if you do, please tell BABY.


  1. I disagree I think they look fantastic!

  2. I like them, but I prefer the black one, it could look really nice without the roses or feathers, and it could be used for kuro, classic, gothic, or kodona lolita. The white one looks very cute though.

  3. I guess I've just never been one for feathers! XP