Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poofy Cream Puff

Hi everyone ^_^ I'd like to share some over-due updates! 

Firstly, here are some worn photos of my fawn beret. It poofs out kind of funny at different areas (due to the quality and stiffness of the fabric, I think) but as long as I wear it the "right way" I think it looks fine. It's lined with a natural beige muslin and the pompom is detachable. The elastic was the hardest part of the construction, I tried really hard not to make it look like a shower cap! It's not a terribly big/deep hat, but it stays on my head without trouble c: 

Next is a quick outfit post for today
Run down:
Blouse: Innocent World
Cardigan: Old Navy
Skirt: Good Will
Socks (and the brown oxfords I wore): Target
Necklace: Gift
Bow: Bought off EGL

Next is a bit of a shopping/future crafting update ♪

My boyfriend was in town recently for spring break and we hit up the local Japanese grocery story
I ate some melon bread, yummy CC Lemon and these new beauties:
Omnomon, cheese cake, apple tart and cappuccino/mocha (? I don't know coffee) candies. They are keeping me sane at school this week.

Close-up of my fawn bow ♥
 A cheap little red beret that will soon (by the magic of felt and hot glue) become...
A mushroom beret! 
 Lastly is this beige In the Starlight blouse (with waist ties!) from the EGL comm sales. I haven't worn this out yet because I'm not happy with how the sleeves "poof" My arm doesn't stretch much of the elastic but the sleeve still creates this sill looking vertical poof that makes me shoulders look twice as big. I think I'm going to find a was to sew in a few darts to make it poof less. I do not like poofy sleeves u_u I sold my black blouse because the sleeves were too poofy! The Innocent World blouse i wore today is even almost too borderline poofy for me, but I still love it ♥ Although I do wish the detachable sleeves were a bit longer.

Does anyone else have these problems with poofy or too short sleeves? Anyone have any remedies?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ribbon Choker and Other Crafts

Hi everyone ♫ I just wanted to share a few small crafts. 

First off, I finished my fawn beret! I promise a worn coordinate or photo soon :) 

The material is recycled fur from a toddler's jacket, muslin lining, blue satin (+ elastic). I also made a quick detachable pearl bow accessory. Not my prettiest sewing job but not bad for getting back in the swing of machine sewing. Plus the fur hides most of my mistakes ♥

Next, I made a lace choker based off this design by Innocent World

My version:

Materials: vintage lace, cream velvet ribbon, satin ribbon and pearl beads. It's a bit scratchy, but I think it will do~

Next is a headband based of this design by Indie Lolita brand Shortcake Poodle

My version

Materials: recycled faux fawn fur, wine velvet ribbon and silk flowers

And finally here are a few small original crafts
A simple black velvet bow brooch

Dark brown velvet bow brooch with pearls

I also made some fruit-themed accessories that I have yet to photograph. I would also like to get some two-way clips so I can wear my accessories both as brooches and in my hair :)

Thanks for reading ♥

March Lifestyle Ideas

What a cute coordinate by Kairii ♪

Eek! It's already a week in to March! Please forgive me and enjoy these tips ♥
  • Tie a vintage silk scarf around your shoulders like a collar - this looks cute with jsks!
  • Looking for some major eye candy? check out the FLASCO shop blog
  • Make a mood board of things you're looking forward to this spring or summer. Include photos, soft ribbons, dried flowers and anything else that reminds you of the season. Hang the board somewhere you will see it often
  • Bloomers are a pretty easy sewing project - try making your own with lots of soft cotton lace and ribbon trim 
  • Alternatively, try making a cute scrunchie - use your own fabric or "extra" brand fabric from inexpensive mini-tote bags
  • Design a coordinate around your favorite musical instrument - extra points for originality 
  • Speaking of instruments - check out this translated version of the short manga (one shot) "I Am a Piano" by Nakamura Asumiko. This short ran in several of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles
  • Love berets? Check Ebay for inexpensive plain berets and decorate them with velvet ribbon, pearls, tulle and polka dots!
  • Add a bit of sugary cuteness around your room or kitchen but filling decorative glass jars with pretty pastel candies - very a la Angelic Pretty ♥
  • Did you know that over-the-door shoe organizers are a great way to organize your Lolita socks and other small accessories as well? Give it a try?