Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ribbon Choker and Other Crafts

Hi everyone ♫ I just wanted to share a few small crafts. 

First off, I finished my fawn beret! I promise a worn coordinate or photo soon :) 

The material is recycled fur from a toddler's jacket, muslin lining, blue satin (+ elastic). I also made a quick detachable pearl bow accessory. Not my prettiest sewing job but not bad for getting back in the swing of machine sewing. Plus the fur hides most of my mistakes ♥

Next, I made a lace choker based off this design by Innocent World

My version:

Materials: vintage lace, cream velvet ribbon, satin ribbon and pearl beads. It's a bit scratchy, but I think it will do~

Next is a headband based of this design by Indie Lolita brand Shortcake Poodle

My version

Materials: recycled faux fawn fur, wine velvet ribbon and silk flowers

And finally here are a few small original crafts
A simple black velvet bow brooch

Dark brown velvet bow brooch with pearls

I also made some fruit-themed accessories that I have yet to photograph. I would also like to get some two-way clips so I can wear my accessories both as brooches and in my hair :)

Thanks for reading ♥


  1. wow! you are very crafty! yours look beautiful! I really like the fawn beret. *^^* How cool to make it from a kids jacket!

    Great work!


  2. You have such a great talent for this :)

  3. MOST AMAZING BERET. EVER. That is the cutest!! Lovely accessories too <3 If it all works out, I'd love to see you make more of these for selling!!