Monday, June 20, 2011

Aoki Misako's Shopping Reports

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
I can't stop listening to the BABY staff's voice. *A*

Angelic Pretty


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bunnies, Bears and Sweets...Oh My!

It arrived!! Yippee : ) This isn't a very important post - I'm just expressing my silly joy for stationary. This batch was an order from Kawaii Ya. The Hawai'i based online store offers an array of letter sets, sticker, memo pads and other items for pretty nice prices - plus shipping is a measly $4.50 no matter the weight :) Anyways they had a nice selection of rabbit themed items so I went ahead and made an order. My total was around $30 with shipping (I wanted to spend at least $25 to receive the free sticker flake sacks). I cant wait to use these <3

It's here!

Bunny veggis?

Baby bunnies and air mail - my favorite themes! :D

Stickers >3<

More cute bunnies <3

Mini memo love <3

New character stickers!

Isn't she cute?

Chou-fleur (little flower?) Very mori-eqsue


The sticker sacks on the left and right were free!

These were free as well :)

Cute beat sweets deco tape

And baby bear memos!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sanrio Goodies

I feel so lucky that a Sanrio store opened it my town <3 Though it is quite expensive and has  Hello Kitty items geared primarily towards Americans I still love it! The first time I went there was actually their grand opening - what a happy accidental visit! Yesterday I picked up the tiny memo pad there for a whopping 85 cents and the Keroppi stationary at Target for $1 each. I also picked up a volume of the Kitchen Princess manga (so cute)! The biscuit cookie strap is from the egl sales comm and arrived in a cute candy-shaped pouch!

A gift I received at the grand opening :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Lifestyle Ideas

  • If you find yourself board inside, watching people open lucky packs is much more interesting than you would think.
  • Try a sweet "Pink Lady" soda I tried at a vintage candy shop - Mix (your preference) of 7-up, Orange Sunkist, a hint of raspberry flavor and top off with Italian cream
  • Coordinate outfits with soft tulle and gauze instead of lace for a unique look 
  • Practice making "Zakka" pouches - they are a simple sewing expenditure! - Here are some cute fabrics and zippers
  • Have a yummy breakfast of waffles topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar - so sugary and delicious! 
  • Take a visit to your local botanical center to enjoy wildflowers and wildlife
  • Bring a sketch book or camera along with you to record the beautiful life you observe there!
  • Make your own brooches/pins to match your favorite coordinates. I'm thinking of making a removable brooch like the one on AP's French Cafe bolero
  • Try sewing cute felt cakes and sweets
  • Collect dainty vintage decorative tins to store your accessories 

Thread Fair Fashion Show

Hi again! A while ago I mentioned that I was busy with a student charity fashion show. Luckily I was able to locate some pretty nice photos and I thought I would share them! The designs are loosely Lolita-inspired, but that's because everything I do is loosely Lolita-inspired! >.< I am by no means a proper or experienced seamstress or designed. I wanted to participate one for the charity and two to attempt to create images or outfits that had been stuck in my head for some time. All of the dresses are hand-sewn and the heart/lungs dress is all hand-embroidered (it's also my favorite dress). The faux fawn accessories and flower clips are hand-made as well. I hope you enjoy the outfits, they are fun to make!

All the models except the far right are in my designs

Heart embroidery dress (my fav!)

Fawn dress
I really like this shot for some reason

Rose dress

Heidi Dress (not to happy with the fit of this one)

One last walk! (That's me on the left haha)
P.S. the photos were taken by one of my friend/her father - not me! I was too busy backstage to even see my looks! DX

International Lolita Day Summer 2011

Go! Go Lolita-chan!

Hello there :) I wanted to keep Lolita Day short and sweet this year (I was taking the SAT all morning T_T). To me, this year is all about inspiration, so I've complied a short list of Lolita quotes that inspire me to in cooperate the fashion into my everyday life. 

Shelbycloud inspires me a lot as a Lolita~
  • "I am a special maiden.” It’s okay for you to think that, you know. Even if there are strangers who look away and snicker at you because your skirt is too poufy, or because the ribbon adorning your hair is too big, you don’t have to let it bother you. Sure it’s aggravating that there still are some confused people who see Gothic and Lolita as unemotional, cheap cosplay, but you should just remain confident and stand tall.
    -Arika Takarano; Gothic and Lolita Bible, vol27
  • "Please jump like a rabbit at some point" - Misako Aoki from Australia's NTM
  • "I wear these clothes because I want to remember my girlish spirit. I don't want to grow up. My friend calls it a combat uniform against daily life. It gives us confidence, it helps us feel stronger. People do look at us coldly, but we fight back." -Jane Marple enthusiast
  • "The brand name Innocent World brings to mind a simple world without dirt or blemish. We made this name to reflect the pure and innocent hearts of young women everywhere, at any age." - from Innocent World Concept
Take a moment to stop and thin about what or who inspired you to persue Lolita fashion or a Loli-fabulous lifestyle!