Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thread Fair Fashion Show

Hi again! A while ago I mentioned that I was busy with a student charity fashion show. Luckily I was able to locate some pretty nice photos and I thought I would share them! The designs are loosely Lolita-inspired, but that's because everything I do is loosely Lolita-inspired! >.< I am by no means a proper or experienced seamstress or designed. I wanted to participate one for the charity and two to attempt to create images or outfits that had been stuck in my head for some time. All of the dresses are hand-sewn and the heart/lungs dress is all hand-embroidered (it's also my favorite dress). The faux fawn accessories and flower clips are hand-made as well. I hope you enjoy the outfits, they are fun to make!

All the models except the far right are in my designs

Heart embroidery dress (my fav!)

Fawn dress
I really like this shot for some reason

Rose dress

Heidi Dress (not to happy with the fit of this one)

One last walk! (That's me on the left haha)
P.S. the photos were taken by one of my friend/her father - not me! I was too busy backstage to even see my looks! DX

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