Saturday, June 4, 2011

International Lolita Day Summer 2011

Go! Go Lolita-chan!

Hello there :) I wanted to keep Lolita Day short and sweet this year (I was taking the SAT all morning T_T). To me, this year is all about inspiration, so I've complied a short list of Lolita quotes that inspire me to in cooperate the fashion into my everyday life. 

Shelbycloud inspires me a lot as a Lolita~
  • "I am a special maiden.” It’s okay for you to think that, you know. Even if there are strangers who look away and snicker at you because your skirt is too poufy, or because the ribbon adorning your hair is too big, you don’t have to let it bother you. Sure it’s aggravating that there still are some confused people who see Gothic and Lolita as unemotional, cheap cosplay, but you should just remain confident and stand tall.
    -Arika Takarano; Gothic and Lolita Bible, vol27
  • "Please jump like a rabbit at some point" - Misako Aoki from Australia's NTM
  • "I wear these clothes because I want to remember my girlish spirit. I don't want to grow up. My friend calls it a combat uniform against daily life. It gives us confidence, it helps us feel stronger. People do look at us coldly, but we fight back." -Jane Marple enthusiast
  • "The brand name Innocent World brings to mind a simple world without dirt or blemish. We made this name to reflect the pure and innocent hearts of young women everywhere, at any age." - from Innocent World Concept
Take a moment to stop and thin about what or who inspired you to persue Lolita fashion or a Loli-fabulous lifestyle!

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  1. oh! you are so adorable~
    hope you enjoyed summer loli day,
    over here, we celebrated in winter~!
    although, the weather was much more