Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Story of a Dream Dress

Finally, the long hours of running around and coming home smelling like onion rings have payed off. Just recently I was able to purchase my dream dress - IW's Lauretta rose (the long version, in ecru). While it cost a pretty penny, even second hand (my mother is not happy, but I earned it on my own!) I am so happy to own it. Not only that, my job also jump started a bit of weight loss and I fit in the dress fine. I don't know about you, but that's an accomplishment for me (a 5'8" girl without a Japanese frame). So between earning and acquiring my dream dress on my own, a bit of weight loss and a multitude of coordination options, I'm overjoyed! Speaking of coordinates... I already experimented A bit :) I'm waiting on a pair of boots in the mail (see below), so I'm going to wait on posting worn pics until I have the full outfit ready.

After months of searching for brown lace-ups in my size (US 11) to to avail, my jaw literally dropped when I saw these my size...for $30! Oh yes, I am a happy camper!

Onto the coordinates! I would appreciate any c&c for these, especially the one with the black blouse. I was just throwing it out there to see if it would work (I don't own a cream or off white blouse currently). I don't think a blouse will be necessary due to the warm weather though (how scandalous!)

I know there aren't many differences between the outfits, but I would like to choose the best option :) 

 Accessory detail shots

IW watch
Lace boater hat
IW Alice & rabbit earrings

Thank you for reading! Which coordinate do you like best?

Spring Prints

 Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying this season's new spring prints! I think that Angelic Pretty's lamb print turned out rather cute. I must admit I've been anxious to see their new Easter print due to the cuteness of Happy Garden last year. While the dress is adorable, I think the strawberries on the lamb bag's hat turned out a little goofy. What do you think? Do you like AP's Easter/spring prints?Any predictions for next year's animal or theme?

AP's new lamb print

Someone dropped strawberries on this poor fella's head!

While I was browsing Innocent World's website, I discovered that an adorable new print is up for reservation! Their "Strawberry Jam" reminds me a bit of Chelsea rabbit. Maybe its a better "grown up" option? I was this close to buying the Chelsea Rabbit OP but was worried that it looked too little kid-ish for the direction my style was going. (Does anyone know if there is a skirt version or a pouch or something else with the print avaliable)? Anyways, Strawberry Jam looks like a fine option for the berry jam-loving lolita that is too worried she might look too juvenile. It is also avaliable in a long and halter version for a more grown-up look. (Perfect for summer, too)!

Long halter version

Short jsk version'

Also on the topic of spring, the internet shop Lolitadesu (based in Denmark) is holding a spring coordinate photo contest on Facebook. The contest is planned to last until late May or early June and the prize is a lucky pack of goodies! I plan to enter once a pair of shoes I just purchased arrives :)

In other news, I got a post card for AP's French cafe print. For the past few months I've been utterly attracted to French and Air Mail motifs. Since I don't hope to own the dress (maybe a brooch if I'm lucky), owning the postcard allows me to feel like I own a piece of the collection (and admire Imai Kira's work). I also did a similar thing and bought the IW Chelsea Rabbit postcard!

I hope everyone else is enjoying spring!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Innocent World Golden Week

Really Innocent World? Come on here, this is down right silly!

In honor of Golden Week, Innocent World is including a "free" hanger with the purchase of ¥15,750 or more. Laaaame. If I spend over $150, I would expect something cuter or more wearable than a hanger. Usually their fair items are much better, like a limited edition calender, scarves, hair bands etc. Is a hair pin or head bow too much to ask? Or a sale?


Now you can choose a blouse hanger and a skirt hanger! Yippee!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

St. Canary Calender

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this adorable Imai Kira "St. Canary" series calender I recently purchased. It makes me so happy to look at it <3 It wasn't as expensive as the print set and also includes 2 paper dolls and a stand. Isn't it just adorable?

It even includes a stand and little paper dolls   
The March/April close-up

And the cute "St. Canary" seal
I still have a few Imai Kira items on their way in the mail too <3

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Lifestyle Ideas

  • Pastels! Pastels! Pastels! - and mix-n-match colors like this outfit by Shelbycloud
  • Incorporate bunnies, lambs and baby chick motifs into your outfits (don't own Happy Garden? Try cute pins, brooches and other jewelry)
  • It's not too late to start a small flower or vegetable garden, beans and carrots are easy to grow. (Or better yet - grow the seedlings indoors in egg shells)
  • Egg shells also make cute tiny flower vases or planters
  • Dye your own eggs or decorate some vintage beauties with lace, decoupage or even cross-stitching
  • Make a cute carrot cake in the honor or baby bunnies!
  • Start pressing spring flowers before summer withers them up. Use them to make cards or decorate a diary
  • Break out your sandals and parasols - and maybe rock your jsk without a blouse -oh my! (an excuse for a pastel pedicure? I think so!)
  • Create a spring Lolita resolution with how you would like to "grow and blossom" this spring
  • If you're looking for a new friend, consider adopting a bunny from your human society. Many baby bunnies are given to children during Easter and then grow bored and abandon them. The same applies to chicks and ducklings!


Hello everyone! Please forgive my absence, I was out of town the past few days in Louisiana. I was able to visit a cute little town called Ponchatoula. It means "hair that hangs" (referring to the Spanish moss) in Choctaw. The town is also famous for it's delicious strawberries! There were cute strawberries everywhere!

A cute old train

They served strawberry margaritas here

There were also several antique stores that I was excited to explore, but they turned out to be very disappointing and I left empty handed. There was acute old sewing machine with a crank handle! I wasn't sure if it would work so I didn't gamble taking it home. How cute is it though?

How cute are they?

We also visited family friends with an adorable old home. There were wildflowers and clovers everywhere.

A butterfly with a damaged wing

My current obsession - pansies!

She had a cute garden

We found a four-leaf clover, how lucky!

Her lovely 28 year old horse
Overall it was a long, sad trip (we attended a funeral) but I was able to escape with a few pretty memories.