Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Prints

 Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying this season's new spring prints! I think that Angelic Pretty's lamb print turned out rather cute. I must admit I've been anxious to see their new Easter print due to the cuteness of Happy Garden last year. While the dress is adorable, I think the strawberries on the lamb bag's hat turned out a little goofy. What do you think? Do you like AP's Easter/spring prints?Any predictions for next year's animal or theme?

AP's new lamb print

Someone dropped strawberries on this poor fella's head!

While I was browsing Innocent World's website, I discovered that an adorable new print is up for reservation! Their "Strawberry Jam" reminds me a bit of Chelsea rabbit. Maybe its a better "grown up" option? I was this close to buying the Chelsea Rabbit OP but was worried that it looked too little kid-ish for the direction my style was going. (Does anyone know if there is a skirt version or a pouch or something else with the print avaliable)? Anyways, Strawberry Jam looks like a fine option for the berry jam-loving lolita that is too worried she might look too juvenile. It is also avaliable in a long and halter version for a more grown-up look. (Perfect for summer, too)!

Long halter version

Short jsk version'

Also on the topic of spring, the internet shop Lolitadesu (based in Denmark) is holding a spring coordinate photo contest on Facebook. The contest is planned to last until late May or early June and the prize is a lucky pack of goodies! I plan to enter once a pair of shoes I just purchased arrives :)

In other news, I got a post card for AP's French cafe print. For the past few months I've been utterly attracted to French and Air Mail motifs. Since I don't hope to own the dress (maybe a brooch if I'm lucky), owning the postcard allows me to feel like I own a piece of the collection (and admire Imai Kira's work). I also did a similar thing and bought the IW Chelsea Rabbit postcard!

I hope everyone else is enjoying spring!

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  1. oh! LAMBY!
    i fell in love with this print from AP
    and asked my friend in japan at the moment
    to buy it for me! it's sitting in her room now!
    i'm so happy~