Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Story of a Dream Dress

Finally, the long hours of running around and coming home smelling like onion rings have payed off. Just recently I was able to purchase my dream dress - IW's Lauretta rose (the long version, in ecru). While it cost a pretty penny, even second hand (my mother is not happy, but I earned it on my own!) I am so happy to own it. Not only that, my job also jump started a bit of weight loss and I fit in the dress fine. I don't know about you, but that's an accomplishment for me (a 5'8" girl without a Japanese frame). So between earning and acquiring my dream dress on my own, a bit of weight loss and a multitude of coordination options, I'm overjoyed! Speaking of coordinates... I already experimented A bit :) I'm waiting on a pair of boots in the mail (see below), so I'm going to wait on posting worn pics until I have the full outfit ready.

After months of searching for brown lace-ups in my size (US 11) to to avail, my jaw literally dropped when I saw these my size...for $30! Oh yes, I am a happy camper!

Onto the coordinates! I would appreciate any c&c for these, especially the one with the black blouse. I was just throwing it out there to see if it would work (I don't own a cream or off white blouse currently). I don't think a blouse will be necessary due to the warm weather though (how scandalous!)

I know there aren't many differences between the outfits, but I would like to choose the best option :) 

 Accessory detail shots

IW watch
Lace boater hat
IW Alice & rabbit earrings

Thank you for reading! Which coordinate do you like best?


  1. It's fabulous dear!! I have Lauretta Rose in brown, but ecru was definitely and toss up for me!! I didn't know which one to get!

    Lovely coordinates! They're all so casual and lovely~

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  3. My... it seems as if the majority of my post disappeared, so excuse me for posting again!~
    As I had said - I particularly like your third coordinate~ The brown bear bag brings out the innocence of the dress, and compliments the purity of the print very nicely!~ It's so lovely~ All of the coordinates you've come up with are quite fantastic. Congrats again on getting your dress!~

  4. it's such a pretty dress. hmm. i like the first and third co-ord best. cutest for country <3