Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wonderful Cleveland Trip ♫

Hi there everyone, sorry for the few and far between posts! Between college apps, AP tests, finals and other craziness, I've found little time and few interesting things to share u_u One exciting topic that I managed to skip over though was my trip to Cleveland, Ohio! My dad and I went the weekend after spring break to visit the college I wanted to go to. Well the school (The Cleveland Institute of Art was wonderful and we managed so see a fair bit of the town! I don't have any photos from the school, but here are a few from around this city:

Back in Texas:

Cleveland was wonderful, I can't wait to move in August ♥

On a side note, are there any active Lolita communities in Cleveland? Thanks!


  1. hi hi! Just sort of stumbled here while link hopping. I'm actually in Columbus, but there are a pretty good quantity of Lolis in the Cleveland area. Seems we do most of our planning on FB nowadays, so swing by the group if you're interested... Hope to meet you someday :)