Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bad Catholic

I suppose wearing rosaries and similar type items makes me a bad Catholic, but how can I resist? Especially when I spotted these beauties from the Etsy store Necrosarium. There were a steal too at $9.50 plus free shipping! I'm a bit hesitant to even disclose this shop it's so wonderful. Well I guess the secret is out ^_^ She updates (and sells out) often so check back frequently for new items ♥

Here's the earrings I bought:

They have lovely detaining, a realistic antiqued bronze color and are a comfortable weight

There are even details on the back:

My hand for size reference: 

I think they will work very well with a variety of styles from classic and gothic lolita to dolly-kei and cult party styles c:

Secret: I did find some of the smaller silver cross findings on Ebay and made my own pair of earrings and phone strap >.< hehe! 
P.S. I have an extra pair in my Storenvy shop.

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