Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting Crafty

Why yes, I am a crafty girl ♪
Haha, anyways, I recently made a sketchbook of all of the crafts I want to make (well, accessory wise). Most of theme are based of brand items I've seen (and can make much cheaper). You can probably notice the ETC and Angelic-Pretty look-alikes.
I sort of want to have an artist's ally table at a convention ^_^
Here's what I've done in the last two days:

Some supplies (I had a bunch of other supplies but these were my favs)
Berry branches for 20 cents each! *A*

French ribbon and "pom pom lace" 

Onto the goodies (mostly brooches)~
I plan on buying cabachons and making different versions of the cookie/chocolate ones as well
Omnomnom biscuits <3

Yummy raspberries ♫


Cell phone straps


Dolly-kei/cult party hair clips

Matching pin
I plan on making many more once I get more supplies!
I can wait to wear these with scarves once the weather gets cooler

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