Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Lifestyle Ideas

September is my favorite month! Why because it's the beginning of Autumn and my birth month!

  • Load up on cheap colorful socks (summer clearance) before it gets cold and experiments with layering
  • Give your outfits a slightly nerdy, school-esque look with a uniform ribbon
  • Go all-out nerdy with cute braids, large-rimmed glasses and drawn-on freckles!
  • Be on the lookout for flavors like pumpkin and apple cinnamon. My grocery store even carries pumpkin ice cream!
  • Make biscuit-themed accessories, like hair clips and brooches (I really want to do this)! 
  • Do some end of summer cleaning and organizing! use a shoe rack to store your socks and small accessories
  • Use a vintage leather book bag to add vintage style to your outfits
  • Sew a cute sleeping mask with ribbons and lace
  • Add dark greens, chocolates, burgundies and plaids into your wardrobe for a warmer look 
  • DIY an easy cut-sew by adding small ribbons to the collar of a scoop-neck shirt 
This is the sleeping mask idea~

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