Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Pair of Brand Socks!

Yippee! I finally purchased my first pair of brand socks, how exciting!

These knee-highs  match my Nicholas Fruits skirt, I am so happy! 

I was worried with my large feet that they would not fit, let along reach my knees, but I was pleasantly surprised! I know some people tend not to buy brand socks because of their price and the fact that they wear out just as quickly as any other socks. I guess since they are black they won't show as much wear as say white socks would. What do you think about using brand socks?

Since they are my first pair, I'm still a little nervous if the print looks too stretched. I know stretched brand prints are always a point of concern in the Lolita community. What are your opinions on this? Is a little stretching ok? Is it unavoidable or should be completely avoided at all costs?

1 comment:

  1. I think a little stretching is okay. As long as you can still make out what the print is supposed to be, you're good in my book! :)