Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lolita Under the Weather

Achoo!  Due to the massive cold weather invasion, the flu has hit my school hard (luckily I've avoided it), but the mass of absences and sniffles have inspired me to make a post for sick Lolitas. Here are a few ideas to make being sick a little less miserable.
  • Wear your cutest pair of warm lolita-esque pajamas, including slippers and a night cap
  • Curl up with a stuffed animal and tote them around your house
  • If you must go to work or school, sneak a tiny friend to comfort you in your purse
  • Get your medicine flavored - my local pharmacy will add fruit flavors to most liquid medicines
  • Make a fort of comfy pillows and blankets to curl up in while watching a good movie
  • Speaking of movies, (since you finally have the time to watch them), why not a princess movie or Miyazaki marathon? 
  • Painting your nails is a low-energy way to add a bit of enjoyment to your runny nose misery
  • Use a cute tissue box cover or choose paper ones with cute designs - you will be seeing it a lot
  • If you're running a fever, use a cute animal-shaped ice pack
  • If you nose becomes too try, use lightly scented lotion to ease the tenderness 
  • Experiment with different blends and fragrances of tea to sooth your throat and your nose
  • For your soup fix, try classic alphabet soup or ones with characters or animals 
  • Drink plenty of fluids, through cute swirly straws and cups!
I hope this makes any sick Lolis out there feel a little better... P.S. There is a 70% chance of (about an inch of) snow tomorrow, how exciting! Hopefully that also means school will be canceled and no Physics quiz tomorrow :D 


  1. Those are great tips. I'll have to remember them in fact I think I'll go make some more tea right now...) Get better soon. :(

  2. Thank you but I'm not sick myself ^_^;;

  3. what cute tips!
    i'll try to remember them if i get sick~
    good luck with your quiz and fingers cross
    for SNOW!

  4. Cute ideas...I'd love to have some of these Hello Kitty tissues (*-*)