Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary Party

Yesterday evening, my friend and I attended the Hello Kitty/Sanrio 50th Anniversary "Pop-up Tour" party that I mentioned in a previous post. The party was crowded by several Sanrio-themed vehicles and booths. Activities included professional photos, Hello Kitty bow cupcakes, three difference DJs, hoola-hoops and of course the goodies shop (although the line was too long to attempt to buy anything). Later that evening was a costume contest judged by two Austin fashion designers and Hello Kitty herself. There were only two competitors in the childrens' division, a cute little girl and a puppy! (The puppy was the runner up). The adult division had 6 or7 competitors and the runner ups were "Confetti Kitty" (red & black) & "Headshot Kitty". Tuxedo Sam was crowed the winner in her adorable outfit! I entered in my lolita outfit because the contest allowed "Japanese-inspired outfits" as well. Even though i didn't place, I was very happy with my outfit. My Melody said I looked like a Blythe doll! After the contest, all of the contestants posed for photos in front of the Hello Kitty smart card. We were also awarded consolation prizes; a cute 2011 Sanrio date mate!
 Outfit Rundown
Jsk: Innocent World
Blouse: Off-brand
Hat: Vintage
Faux Fur collar: F21 (rose is handmade)
Bag: Innocent World
Tights: Off-brand
Boots: MIA Girl

 (Most of) the contestants


 Crowning the winner!

 My prize!

 Hello Kitty Smart Car! 

Tuxedo Sam

Cute My Melody!

What a fun night! Happy 50th Sanrio!


  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! I've always wanted to go to some sort of Hello Kitty event. The little planner you got from them is just sooo cute!

  2. Looks amazing! I'm waiting for it to roll over to NYC <3

  3. I cannot believe I didn't know this was happening. I work around the corner from Toy Joy. I'm so sad :(((