Monday, November 1, 2010

Print Review: Innocent World's "Lauretta Rose"

Why? Why Innocent World? Why must you constantly steal my heart? I literally gasped (and possibly heard cherubs singing) when I saw this. This is definitely one of my new favorite prints. I even dare to say it rivals my standing dream dress: Innocent World's Rose Panel jsk. This is probably because they are so reconnaissance of each other! Though the eastern-European vibe of Rose Panel is very appealing, Lauretta Rose looks more typical of Innocent World's silhouette and bodice designs.The apron-style aspect of Rose Panel is retained in Lauretta Rose, but appears more fluid and natural. The colorways are just as appealing, including cream, misty pink and chocolate. The dress is also available in two different lengths, another plus (especially for a monster rori like me)! This beauty is scheduled to be released this November and is available for pre-order on IW's website.

Just for reference, this is IW's "Rose Panel":

And now onto Lauretta Rose:


  1. Gorgeous, both of those dresses.

  2. Both dresses are really lovely, though I have to say that I find the colours o Rose Panel much more appealing.

  3. That is so pretty it instantly won my heart!

  4. Wow, those dresses are absolutely gorgeous. I'd have a hard time if I had to pick between the two