Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gloves Style

 I have seen quite a few outfits with gloves floating around the Lolita-sphere, so I've decided to write a little post about them. Gloves are an easy way to add a lady-like touch to any outfit and can be coordinated to match virtually any style of Lolita. A classic Lolita may prefer a short pair of antique white mash or solid gloves, while a Gothic Lolita may opt for long, mysterious black lace gloves or a frilly pastel pink pair for a sweet Lolita. Gloves are not only a stylish option to keep your lady fingers warm in the winter, but also look adorably vintage while driving! Why not coordinate with a matching hat and flowing scarf for an afternoon joy ride? Experiment with different lengths and materials to find your perfect match. Styles, materials and lengths also differ depending on the season (no one would want to wear long velvet gloves in the summer, would they)? Victorian Maiden is most recognizable for their lolita gloves, but I have noticed off brand gloves paired nicely with Angelic Pretty and Innocent World coordinates.One important note: avoid cheap or shiny lace materials to avoid looking ita-ish. Quality is very important for gloves. Quality gloves can often be found at vintage/antique stores, a limited number of Lolita brand shops and at most major department stores.Maybe your Grandmother has a pair of her gloves that she has been waiting to share with you~

Types and styles of gloves:




    Happy glove hunting!


      1. Gloves! I've been looking for a cute pair of lace gloves, found a pair at Icing but they aren't the greatest quality.

      2. Ah I love wearing gloves with gothic and classic. However, it's finding a nice quality pair can be a bit difficult.