Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday + Gothic Lolita Punk Art Book

Like many other Americans, I participated in the chaotic tradition that is "Black Friday". The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been the "beginning of the holiday season" - basically everything goes on super sale. Customers will wake up at ungodly hours or even camp out a day (or two!) before a store offers it's mega savings. This year I ran around with my Dad and made quite a few stops (though we always avoided large stores like Walmart and the mall - that's madness!) Seriously, the Walmart parking lot was full by 6am. We don't shop there normally, but it's quite fun to stare in awe at the parking lot. Anyways, I did pick up a few goodies, including an art book titled "Gothic Lolita Punk". I vaguely remember seeing this book somewhere, and was quite surprised to find 3 brand new copies at my Half-priced Books (a new and used bookstore). I'm not sure who published the book, but it's a compilation of mostly "Lolita" plus a few "gothic" and "punk' artists. The artists range in popularity from a few I've never seen work from before to Imai Kira and Tama. Honestly, I wasn't impressed with some of the art, but it is a little limited to find that many Lolita artists. Most of the art is illustration, but they also included one artist who styles Bythe dolls and another who does photo manipulation. As an artist, I also loved seeing the work processes of the artists to make a piece. Without further dues, here's a few pictures of my goodies!
 My goodies: art book, kawaii bag and Hello Kitty stickers!


  1. That's some lovely art! Is the black and white double page spread the work of Yoh ( I'm not very familiar with Yoh, but it reminded me of this artist's distinctive style.
    I also especially love the colors on the right of the fifth photo down. They're so vibrant and glowing.

  2. That art book! I've been wanting to get my hands on it for a while, but haha, I'm so cheap sometimes XD You got such a lucky find with it though!

  3. @DuskRose_Dreaming: Yes, that is Yoh's art!

  4. i love this book !!!! could you please make a link to download it