Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Lifestyle Ideas

Winter is officially upon us, so why not warm up with these fun lifestyle ideas?
  • Take a trip to watch the nutcracker and dress in your prettiest winter outfit
  • Check out vintage crafts, like Victorian craft books. Try your hand at making cute holiday card collages and maybe even little gifts
  • Cut out paper snow flakes to decorate your room, windows or office with - try stringing them or taping them individually
  • Host or participate in a a holiday charity event or drive (books, coats, food etc) to aid those less fortunate this season and give Lolitas a good name!
  • Paint your nails like snowflakes with a white base coat and a glittery silver top coat
  • Experiment with different holdiay tea blends and brands - don't forget to use a pretty cup for your tea! If you don't own one, possible hint at a set as a gift? 
  • Concoct new & unique winder drinks - experiment with cocoa, peppermint, candy canes, cinnamon and more!
  • Make and send out old-fashioned holiday cars to your family and friends, dont forget to use pretty envelopes, penmanship and seals~


  1. The drink in that picture looks delicious! I looove hot cocoa with crushed candy canes!

    Very cute tips btw ^^

  2. I like these tips. ^^ And I agree with Caro-chan--the drink looks scrumptious.

  3. Thanks for the tips! Just what I need to get me into the loli Christmas spirit~