Friday, August 5, 2011

August Lifestyle Ideas

  • Cool off with a floral bath - spread rose and violet petals in the water and add essential oils like lavender and mint to relax
  • Make a cool treat by topping off yummy chocolate ice cream with raspberries, mint leaves and almond slivers
  • Coordinate your next outfit like Herajika and strictly set to a palette of two or three colors
  • Throw an Aqua Princess pool party - coordinate decorations in pastel pink and blue and sprinkle sparkly sea shells. Provide treats like cotton candy and pretty rocky candy on a stick. Use cute floats and beach balls and bask like mermaid princesses!
  • Loose, shear bow blouses are a comfortable way to add a blouse to your summer outfit 
  • Use cute vintage tea and cookie tins to store small hair accessories, jewelry and school supplies
  • Kawaii.i is a You Tube channel that follow Jelly model Mana's journey through trendy shops including Angelic Pretty ♪ the short videos update often and are very fun to watch!
  • Spend the day (and night) at a beach-side carnival and take vintage-style photos of merry-go-rounds and ornate food stands
  • Send a surprise package to a friend that you talk to often - they will not expect to find a cute package for them in the mail! Include a cute stationary note, hard candy, small toys and other sweet things ♪
  • If the heat is scaring your away from your Lolita clothes, add a hem of lave onto pastel denim shorts for a cute touch - and wear them with bright tights when the weather cools off

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