Friday, August 5, 2011

Lolita Meme Day One

Long time no post ^_^; Anyways, I'm having a lot of fun completing this meme on my other blog, so I thought I would try the Lolita version ♪ Anyways, here is the complete list of days, please join me in completing it!

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.
Day 2 – 10 things you love about lolita.
Day 3 – 10 things you hate about lolita.
Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.
Day 5 – 10 items on your wishlist.
Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.
Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style.
Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire your inner lolita.
Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.
Day 10 – What’s in your lolita bag?
Day 11 – A day in your lolita life in pictures.
Day 12 – A picture of yourself before lolita came in to your life.
Day 13 – A picture of your favorite sweets.
Day 14 – A picture of your dream item.
Day 15 – A picture of your last lolita purchase.
Day 16 – Your outfit for the day.
Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?
Day 18 – A picture of your favorite lolita style.
Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?
Day 20 – A picture of a lolita friend.
Day 21 – Your favorite fictitious lolita.
Day 22 – A picture of your room.
Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting.
Day 24 – A picture of you from a meet.
Day 25 – Your favorite lolita themed artwork.
Day 26 – Your Facebook profile picture.
Day 27 – A song that fits your favorite lolita style.
Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.
Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real.
Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that have happened over the last 30 days.

Anyways, onto day one! 
Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

  1. I was first introduced to Lolita when my friend brought me back a KERA magazine from Germany 
  2. My favorite style is Classic and my favorite brand is Innocent World
  3. My family is fine with me wearing Lolita (my dad teases me that I look like Sofie from Howl's Moving Castle when I wear my brown lace-up boots and boater hat u.u;;) 
  4. My first brand item was a tiny zipper pouch from Metamorphose
  5. I have never been to a meet-up but I would very much like to attend one!
  6. I wear my frills (toned-down) to school 
  7. I have obtained my dream dress: Innocent World's Lauretta Rose long JSK
  8. I desperately want a Lolita pen-pal T_T
  9. I have been lucky enough to have visited Innocent World, Metamorphose, BTSSB and Angelic Pretty in Kyoto while on a home-stay in Japan last summer >.< The shop attendants are out of this world~
  10. I try my best to live as a lifestyle lolita, but my taste is also influenced by other styles including mori, dolly-kei and cult party-kei

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