Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Little Things that Keep Me Sane - Brand on a Budget

As a Lolita with a teeny tiny pocket book, usually the only way I can indulge on brand items is through small purchases, meaning under $25 max (but usually less than that). Recently I purchases the fall 2008 volume of G&LB, particularly because it contained Innocent World's 10th Anniversary stickers. For a total price of about $15, I was able to satisfy my appetite without emptying my pocket book. Tiny purchases such as brand postcards, small pouches, novelty mirrors and other treats can help keep your appetite for brand at bay. These items could also potentially be frequently uses (such as pouches and mirrors), making the purchase worthwhile and adding a bit of brand perfection to your daily routine.

Here are a few ideas for tiny brand splurges:
  • Model or art postcards
  • Pouches in your favorite print
  • Small mirrors
  • Letter sets and stickers 
  • A small ring or pair of earrings
  • A key chain or phone strap
Usually the best deals for small items can be found on EGL's Community Sales thread. Happy hunting!

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