Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lolita Video Games

Ever found yourself searching for the perfect game to put you into the Lolita spirit after a long day on the bus or at school? To help fix this problem, I researched for video games that may satisfy the gamer Lolita! I stuck to DS games because they are portable, easily accessorize and seem to have the most relevant games. I have not tried all of these games, so I cannot swear to all of them. If worst comes to worst, sell it back or trade it for another!

 My World My Way - A cute JRPG of a headstrong princess who cuts off all of her hair and sets to make it on her own fighting her way through various monsters and challenges (in cute outfits)! Cute graphics make the game whimsical and enjoyable to play. I haven't had the time to play too far into this one yet, but it looks promising!

 Castlevania Series - I have no particular game in mind from this series, but all of the games incorporate a lot of Gothic imagery and romantic mystery - great for any Gothic Lolita! Some characters even resemble Gothic Lolitas themselves

 Cookie Shop - To the extent of my knowledge, this game is only available in the UK (maybe not with the power of the interwebs)! This game allows you to live the dream of opening and running you own cute bakery! There are a wide variety of sweets to choose from as well as interactive cooking segments. 

 Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams - Though this game is probably not targeted for my age group, I found it very enjoyable! The games are just hard enough to keep you entertained in between decorating Kitty's clothing and apartment. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a low stress game. I only wish it took longer to beat!

 Princess Debut - Another one of my favorites! This JRPG style game includes a mix of loosely DDR-styled games including classic music and dances and a bit of dating sim. The graphics are beautiful (ok, the 3D graphics during the dancing sequences do look a little silly), and the "events" within the game are just as entertaining!

A Witch's Tale - I have been on the hunt for this game most recently. From the previews, your character fights as a JRPG-style magical girl that fights evil villains and collects ghoulish dolls. A lot of the costumes resemble the Lolita style as well as a bit of Gothic aesthetic.

Once you have acquired a respectable arsenal of game cartridges, now it's time to outfit your machine...your DS that is! Accessory time~

My Goodies!
  • Handmade Bunny DS Case
  • Meta pouch for cartridges and Pokewalker
  • DS Lite in Metallic Rose with HK stickers/gems/straps
DS Cases - A few options

Nintendo DS Lite Hello Kitty Game Traveler Case from Amazon

Hello Kitty Glitter Nintendo DS/DSi case from Amazon 

Mosquito Velour Case from Amazon

Handmade Deco-den Cases from Deco Hime

More Accessory Ideas:
  • DS's have a hole on the back for cellphone straps
  • Try a fun colored stylus, Game Stop sells rainbow packs
  • Add a few (or many) rhinestones to add sparkle
  • Try a cute brand pouch to store your games
Hope this helped a bit and happy gaming! 


  1. This is actually a very interesting post!! I'm surely getting the Cookie Shop one because is sold in Ireland too :D <3 Oh did you try "Princess Peach"? I loved that one being the lovely princess Peach in her best pink dress the one who has to save Mario, if you can, give it a try!!


  2. Thanks for the list. I've played princess debut and it's such a fun game <3

  3. I second the Princess Peach it's a good game, granted because I'm an avid Mario player I kind of finished the game in week or so ( finished the Mario game that came out around the same time in a few days). Castlevania series is another good series they all have great story plots and such.

    I've been thinking about the A Witch's Tale game every time I go in a gamestop I always pick it up but never bought it. I hadn't heard about the Princess Debut have to check into that.

    Great post.

  4. I've played Princess Debut. It's cute and funny ^^
    Thanks for this post ^^

  5. Yaaaay Princess Debut and A Witch's Tale are on the list!

    I'd have to agree with the Princess Peach suggestion. Typical Mario platformer, but you play as Peach with her moody parasol.

  6. Thanks for the comments! I'll try Princess Peach for sure!