Sunday, July 1, 2012

BTSSB Mook + Pochette

While searching CdJapan, an online Japanese magazine and goods shop, I stumbled across this jewel! (Although I ended up purchasing a copy through YesAsia). BABY has recently released their first ever mook, which includes hair and makeup ideas, coordinates and a detailed print catalog. Even better, it includes a cute (tiny) black hear pochette ♥ All for the very reasonable price of 1400 yen, or about $16. I'm still waiting on mine to arrive in the mail, but a lovely EGL member (who likely lives in Japan or somewhere that carries the mook locally) posted a review. I promise to add my photos and thoughts when it arrives!

Unfortunately, due to the high demand of this item, both websites I found that stocked the mook are currently sold out :( I heard Amazon Japan may carry it, or you next best bet would be a shopping service.

I think it's really great that baby is releasing this mook, especially since it includes a very affordable accessory (like most Japanese mooks and magazines). I really wish American magazines would include presents more often. I know while I was in Japan, those free trinkets on magazines and food products really suckered me in! XD

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