Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Winter International Lolita Day!

Isn't this a cute Christmas coordinate?
Happy Winter ILD everyone!!

Do you have any special plans? (Sadly, mine are cleaning and homework D:)

I have one question though, what have you learned this year (or since the last ILD) about Lolita? Whether it be a styling tip, history about the fashion, a new skill, meet-up tips or experiences wearing Lolita in public, I would love to know!

I guess I'll answer this too ^_^ 
I've learned to look elsewhere (besides Lolita coordinates) to find inspiration for outfits. It's useful to look at street snaps and blogs outside of Lolita fashion. Even "mainstream" fashion blogs are useful too. They are useful to incorporating new fashion trends into Lolita, such as military-style jackets and berets♥

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