Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Lifestyle Ideas

From We ♥ It
  • Make a cute holly or winter berry brooch and pin it to a warm scarf or lapel 
  • Deep reds, chocolates, forest greens and creams are the most wonderful colors for winter 
  • Buy a pair of cheap mittens or earmuffs and lolify them with cute little bows, faux fur trim, lace or even tiny bells
  • Make a list for the month of December of something you are grateful for every day
  • Coordinate an outfit based off a holiday story or character, such as The Nutcracker, The Little Drummer Boy or Rudolph 
  • Make festive peppermint tea! Brew peppermint tea and use a candy cane as a stirring stick
  • Keep a watch out for Lolita brand novelties on the sales comm, they can make great gifts!
  • Need a dish for a holiday gathering or potluck? Why not make a dessert based off a brand print? Try Triple Tart (AP), Memorial Cake (AP), cookies from Wonder Cookie (AP), a tart from Chelsea Rabbit (IW) or cupcakes from Merry Making Party (AP). There are so many possibilities!
  • Stuck inside with nothing to do? I recommend watching Pan Am (avaliable on Hulu). Although it's not Lolita, it's got plenty of vintage glamorous goodness~
  • It's a busy time or year, but try your best to send cards or letters to friends and family members. Even if they aren't holiday cards, its nice to hear from others during the season (and who doesn't love mail?)

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  1. I like these tips, and I think I can even combine a couple of them. :] I have a character named Holly who's very oldschool gothic, so I'll have to try the brooch and character-themed outfit ideas!