Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lolita Meme Day Three

Day 3 – 10 things you hate about lolita.
I hope not to offend anyone, these are just my personal tastes u_u;;
  1.  Head fascinators (sp), the ones with giant feathers and flowers, I think they look silly and out of place.
  2. A-symmetrical clothing designs, not for me. 
  3. Leopards prints (that's just clothing in general though)
  4. The body image and self esteem problems that come with not having a 65 cm waist or 90 cm bust. 
  5. How expensive petticoats are, I mean, it's invisible fluff! 
  6. Black and white coordinates. They are very hard to pull off without going all-out old school. 
  7. Bright or overly busy colors and prints. 
  8. Teeny, tiny shoes (I've seen just one pair of shoes in my size for sale on the egl_comm - I wear a US 11 T_T )
  9. Little hats.
  10. Character prints. Not a fan of Star Wars and My Little Pony prints.


  1. Hi! Oh yeah, I know, silly me posting on an old entry... but I was reading your blog and came across your lolia "hates" (hahahahaha) and saw you ALSO have big feet as I do! I don't know if it is on any help, but I proudly discovered that taobao shop An tai Na makes custom sizing! I am a european size 43 (I believe hat is bigger than your size?) and got in contact with a shoppingservice, they asked the seler if they coukd do a customsize for me. It cost a little more, but I believe it was 'bout 10 dollars or so and to me it was TOTALLy worth it for I wanted loli shoes sooo bad that bought them instantly :D
    Well, just thought I shall let you know... there is hope for us bigfoots too! ;)
    Warmest regards,
    Marie from Peru :D

  2. Wow! Thanks ^_^ I did find these shoes (the second pair, IW replicas I believe) that go up to 5L (my size)
    I'm thinking about getting them, as I do not actually own and Lolita shoes :c