Monday, October 18, 2010

Print Review: Innocent World's "Night Bear"

Innocent World is not a brand that heavily relies on explosions of sugary treats and ponies for their prints. Dresses and skirts tend to incorporate more subtle colors and details, such as petite crowns or roses. Because of this, it's nice to see an original print done right. Not only is the print unique of other brands (a la other Vampire Requiem and Sugary Carnival-esque patterns). Though other brands such as Metamorphose have released teddy bear prints, Innocent World's portray is quite unique in my opinion. I think it's a really cute idea to have teddy bears running around trying on hats and playing with mice. This also gives the design a sense of movement that directs your eyes around the border of the jsk or skirt. Also, it appears that a great amount of attention is payed to the actual colors used in the print. The available colorways are pink, chocolate and black, which all draw accent colors from the print itself. From the dark pink in the ribbon, to the black eyes of the bears, each colorway compliments the design.

 Because the case for most of us involves only drooling over brand items like jsks and ops, we must satisfy ourselves with smaller brand splurges. That's why I really appreciate when brands also include smaller, less pricey items made from the same print. Here, IW has included the standard head bow and socks, but also a screen-printed tote, drawstring pouch and key chain to choose from.

So overall, things I like:
  1. Interesting take on print,  interesting interrations 
  2. Pleasing color combination, also unique
More questionable things: what is going on with this key chain? Talk about a (cute) amoeba!
 Overall I feel this print is very successful and would be a classic addition to any Lolita's wardrobe.


  1. Aww, this print is so sweet! Teddy bears are always a little too childish for me, even though IW has pulled it off so tasefully in this series. I do love that little keychain though!

  2. I have been debating over the chocolate skirt in this print... I love IW but sadly most of their items are not made to fit a lady of my fine proportions. The Night Bear skirt is fully elastic so, size wise it would be perfect and I love the dark brown. BUT... and it's a big but, I feel like the teddy bears are too girlish for me.

  3. This print is really cute even when is a bit too childish for me... but I'm so thinking about get me the skirt and bag! I'm more into the gothoc or classic lolita but is nice have a bit of everything and at least IW never overcharges its clothes with ribbons and laces. Oh by the way I'm going to add you to my public list of blogs I read because I really like your style <3

  4. Thanks you very much everyone! ^3^ I really love reading everyone's input!