Monday, October 18, 2010

Outfitting your Winter Wardrobe

A hot trend this winter is the faux fur collar. This warm little addition to your wardrobe adds instant class to your outfit. Several brands have released their own interpretations of this peice, my holy grail being Innocent World's Lotta Collar. Unfortunately, it has been hopelessly sold out since it was released.

To augment my troubles, I recently purchased this furry number from Forever 21 for the cool price of $10.80. It has the capability of hidden magnets to fasten the two sides, but I sewed on two pieces of ribbon for the capability of fastening it with a bow. I experimented with a bleach pen to try to re-create the fawn spots like the one above, but alas it did not work. My next option is buying pieces of brown and white faux fur to make my own collar. 

Some brands have released full length winter coats with detachable fur collars, but here are a few less pricey faux fur options:

Hot Topic is hardly Lolita (though they do suggest this item for Gothic Lolitas in the item description), but I did find an acceptable (and cheap) possibility

Good luck hunting!

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