Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Introduction

Hello new readers and welcome to La Vida Lolita, a blog based on Lolita fashion & lifestyle. Here you will find lifestyle and style tips, craft ideas, reviews, notable findings, relevant events, adventure recaps and everything one would need to perfect their Lolita lifestyle, in and out of frills and lace.

An important note; this is not Lolita 101. I do not plan on introducing Lolita fashion and ideology. This is for the more seasoned Lolita, by which I do not mean has only an excellect wardrobe, but a developed sense of aesthetic and lifestyle. I must stress that the wardrobe does not make the Lolita! One can life like a Lolita lady everyday without even pulling out her check book. My wardrobe is not brimming (yet) with Innocent World or Victorian Maiden clothing, but I live my daily life with the spirit of Lolita.

Why is this blog titled La Vida Lolita? Well, particularly because the mission of this blog is to promote and inspire Lolita lifestyle choices, rather than simple appearance.My goal is to live my everyday life as a Lolita to the best of my abilities.

A little about me? My name is Gabrielle and I am an American Lolita of a few years (though my wardrobe is only just recently beginning to develop. I have a wide taste in styles, for which I've made a dandy pie chart. I love Classic Lolita style the most, followed by Mori Girl style (new blog to follow perhaps)? My favorite brands are Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden and Juliette et Justine. You can also find me on EGL (livejournal) under littleskies101.

Please enjoy reading!

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  1. Hi, I'm one of your new followers, and a fellow lifestyler whose wardrobe is still developing. I greatly enjoyed reading through your posts just now (albeit in reverse order). ^^

    I love your little pie chart. My affections as regards lolita would have about as many slices. My first love is gothic, so I was quite happy to see a little slice of gothic in the pie chart! However I've come to really love classic as well, so I shall look forward to your adventures in that and other styles.