Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BABY Bag Review

A few days ago I received my BABY mook and bag from YesAsia. The shipping was very fast, especially since it came from Hong Kong! The mook itself is a bit thin but I really like the print library and snaps from various BABY events. One more point that I would like to add (that wasn't covered in the review link I posted previously) is that the page the bag is attached to (well, the plastic wrap) is intended to be cut out! That means when I peel off the plastic bag (and inevetiable peel off some of the paper on the page) there is no damage to any of the mook content! The opposite side of the page is a solid print that could be great for crafty things ♥

The bag itself is tiny, I could fit my android, some loose cash and a lip gloss and keys. I'm actually not bothered by this because for one it was a great price and two I'd rather carry a much smaller bag with only essentials if I run out for a quick errand or just want to pack light. The material is pretty standard Lolita faux-leather as well. I don't own any other BABY bags but the material is comparable to Innocent World's "leather". The simple design makes it easy to coordinate with both Lolita and non Lolita outfits as well ♥


Cover :)

Oh no!

No fear - this is the other side!


Inside space
Overall I'm very happy with this item, both for the price and quality :)

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