Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Lifestyle Ideas

  • Swap butter and sweeteners for honey - it's good for your skin, antibacterial, never expires and tastes great on toast!
  • Spend some time watching silly Japanese maid cafe videos on YouTube - does anyone else secretly want to work at one?
  • Relax with a nice Ghibli movie - one of my personal favorites is Kiki's Delivery Service ♫
  • Go for an early morning bike ride - pack a picnic breakfast and relax in the shade
  • Ever wanted to learn how to apply false eyelashes? Dramatic gothic lolita makeup? There are some great video tutorials avaliable online
  • Speaking of eyelashes, there are cute cheap cases avaliable on Ebay~
  • Escape the early summer head with an afternoon at the Library. Study up on Victorian and Rococo fashion and lifestyle - or just browse the latest G&L bible!
  • Drool over every photo on the FLASCO blog
  • Did you know Schwarz Schmetterling now ships internationally?  *u* A lolita can dream...
  • Remember the antique doll museum seen in this video? I think this is the blog for it or a very similar museum 

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