Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lolita Love

Imai Kira

♥ This post will cover a few Valentine's Day ideas that you can do either with a partner or by yourself ♥

For the lone Lolita:
  • Submit a Valentine about one of your favorite Lolita to Lolita Valentines ♥
  • Decorate your space with freshly cut flower - make your own arrangement by purchasing several types of flowers and mix and match until you find something you like! Try even incorporating fluffy feathers, bows, lace or sparkly accent pieces 
  • Cook a Valentine's Day breakfast with heart-shaped "looney eggs" (use a heart shaped cookie cutter on a piece of bread and fill the hole with an egg and fry it up), pink lemonade, heart-cut strawberries and rose hip jelly c:
  • Have a conversation heart (or candy in general) themed photo shoot with your favorite Lolita pals
  •  Make a garland out of vintage Valentines - you can usually find them seasonally at antique stores
  • Visit your local drug store or super market and buy one of those big fancy candy samplers you know you've always had your eye on ♪
  • Make Valentine's Day goodies bags full of candy for your friends or co-workers

For the +1 Lolita
  • Create a romantic date look with fresh pink blush, luxurious false lashes and a cute subtle pink manicure
  • Have a classic picnic in the park - don't forget your parasol and a bubbly drink
  • If you can't meet in person, have a fancy Skype date! Order in tasty food, dress to the nines and place a vase of flowers in the shot
  • If your loved one is away, send them a care package! Fill it with cutesy Valentines and confetti as well as goodies (my boyfriend is in college so his package currently consists of power bars, a box of Thin Mint cookies and 2 mix CD's, haha) 
  • Have a dinner at a fancy restaurant - dress much richer than you are, make reservations under false names and if you're not married pretend that you are!
  • Start an old-fashioned scrap book - include ticket stubs, cute letters or notes and even dried flower petals
  • Plan a romantic train ride to the country side - dress in vintage styled clothing and pack a picnic lunch in a cute straw basket and remember to take plenty of pictures!

Here's to a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. I do the skype thing every year! We send each other boxes and open them on cam like we're really together ^-^ This is a great list for both the single and the pair. :3

    ~ Kieli ~