Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Circus Pouch

One of my favorite/dream prints has always been Innocent World's Dot Jacquard Circus print. I've  scouring sales communities for years (and almost got it once, but the owner decided to sell it to her friend last minute last November :c ). Recently though, I was able to make a teeny tiny compromise. I found a square of fabric approximately 10x10" for $3.50 shipped on an old EGL sales post! I decided there wasn't much to loose and bought the fabric scrap. Well, the point of this post is to show off the but pouch I made with it today! I's about 8" long and has a pink satin lining. Not bad work for being rusty on the sewing machine (we have a nice one at school I get to use now) :)

Needs a little ironing and lint-rolling but I'm quite satisfied with it :) Maybe I can store my brand tags and small goodies in here ♪

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