Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh Deery, Me

I've been bitten by the crafting bug again ^o^
Mostly to make deer things. Oh how I love deer things. 
My first hand-made collar was pretty lopsided, so I scraped it.
I made cute pom-poms out of it. 
Three key chains pom-poms and one pin for my beret (which is is the mail) c:
(I got the idea for that from Fawn & Doll, a Mori girl blog) 
I added loops and buttons to my cuffs and deconstructed my earmuffs.
They hurt my ears, so I decided I would buy an earmuff base and customize it. 
(Confession, the earmuff inspiration was from BTSSB, see below)
Don't do this to me, BABY!

Small collar
What's left of the earmuffs
Finished cuffs
Underside of the beret pom-pom
Top of pom-pom

Pom poms keychains!
While I was wearing my new collar, one of the sides of the ribbon detached :'c
I tried my best to re-sew it, but it was a rather awkward angle. 

 It still looks fine, I think
I also ordered new "fabric"

 This one was rather cheap.
(^This jacket is still for sale^)
This design pops up once in a while, so I wanted to grab it while I could!

This one was not cheap (relativity)
Well, compared to the scarcity of fabric, $50 wasn't bad, I guess. 

I have a long list of items I want to make when the jackets arrive.
Most of the designs are of item I want but cannot afford u_u

My list of items to make includes:
1. A vest (this will take up the majority of the large jacket)
2. A head band with a bow and pearls (from the large jacket)
3. My beret (I already made the pom-pom from my left over fabric)
4. A furry 2-way bow (from the large jacket)
5. A hat (from the small jacket)
6. More pom-pom key chains with a bow and pearl chain (from both jackets)
7. Earmuffs (from the small and large jackets, hopefully)
8. A new collar (from the small jacket)
9./10. This was just finishing the small collar and cuffs 

Besides dear things, I also got some other crafting materials

I want to make this button into a hair accessory.
 This is going to be for Dolly-style accessories

Ribbon and pearls for brooches and key chains

And a bunny stamp! :3 
♦ Thanks for reading! ♦

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