Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Lifestyle Ideas

  • It's not to late for pumpkin everything (tastes, scents, colors, you name it!)
  • Fawn prints, fawn prints, fawn prints, am I right? 
  • Spice up an outfit with an inexpensive, versatile beret and dress it up with detachable bows and pins
  • Try making your own matching accessories to your favorite outfits. There is no need to pay $30+ for AP's biscuit hair barrettes when you can buy clay cabachons and make them yourself
  • Sheer blouses are a great way to dress for fall in almost any climate. 
  • Adhesive lace is a cute and easy way to decorate stationary, gifts, photo frames and more!
  • Cozy up with a hot glass of tea. Opt for warmer flavors including honey and fall spices
  • Create a Lolita scrap book - include outfit and meet-up shots, brand tags, stickers, magazine clippings flyers and other cute Lolita treasures. If you don't want to paste your items down, paste a cute envelope in the book and stick your items inside. (I will be making one soon!)
  • Slowing start incorporating plaids and tartans (via scarves or skirts) to get you in the mood for winter
  • A large black velvet bow is a practical way to make your daily outfits a little bit more Lolita

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