Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Update ♪ French Cafe

As I stated in an earlier post, I like to combat my lack of funds to buy lolita by buying smaller, inexpensive pieces. Case and point: This cute French Cafe (bento?) bag. I beleive it was given out at an Angelic Pretty tea party but I bought it off the egl_comm sales. I really love the print, and this bag allows my to have a piece of the series (it's actually my third piece... I also have the postcard and necklace) for less than 10% the cost of the dress.

I'm glad there is a full print of this biscuit, my favorite part of the print!

I also bought two cute San-X watches for daily wear ♪ (I'm too worried about damaging my Innocent World watch to wear it daily and I like digital watches because I'm lazy ^_^; )

Yay for Berry Puppy and Sentimental Circus!
I also bought this cute Bunka doll clip/brooch from LemonTree11.
Her online picture did not do it justice!

I love cute notes ♥
Thanks for looking!


  1. oh my gosh WHERE did you get that Sentimental Circus watch???? That's my absolute fave san-x line and I want it so bad aaaaah

  2. I got it here and she has one of the same watches left ^_^