Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Lifestyle Ideas

  • If the weather permits, plan a strawberry picking outing. Use a straw basket and a wear a soft, cotton apron
  • Innocent world has a wonderful jsk to match!
  • It's never too early to plan for school! I have a year of high school yet but I'm already looking at interior design books and websites for dorm ideas (Japanese apartments and dorms are about the same size, aren't they?)
  • This Japanese furniture website has a gallery of bedroom idea, both simple/natural and sweet
  • Here's a simple craft to try: make simple bow brooches using different colors and textures of ribbon and lace and sew/glue on a pin. Wear them on blouses, hats and bags. Experiment with layers of fabric too.
  • Try unusual accessories like big-rimmed granny glasses or cow boy booties
  • Make small handy pouches with vintage fabric from thrift store bedding or clothing
  • Nothing makes a more perfect summer bag than a straw basket or small picnic case with a doily attached to it
  • Tokyo Jam has a selection of cute Japanese craft and embroidery tutorial mook scans
  • Wondering how to add a sweet touch to the ever-necessary summer shorts? Add eyelet lace trim to the leg hole or add patches of lace around the legs and pockets

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  1. That Japanese furniture website is absolutely cute. The efficiency of small Japanese apartments and even the really tiny New York apartments are great to look at for ideas on storage in a small space. Dorm rooms vary but you always need storage.